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Projects and Company Original Work:


Development of innovative products, processes and services (including programming supply) for building web-based systems in energy and industry

Project on OP "Competitiveness" BG161PO003-1.1.06 "Support for Scientific Activity of Bulgarian Companies”


System for control and availability of electricity plants of Central Dispatching Unit of Energy Transmission System Operator

The system includes:
- collection of information of different information sources and systems of Central Dispatching Unit and Electricity Plants;
- clarification and addition to the collected information;
- various calculation procedures, dependent on the parameters of the contracts with the electricity plants;
- references of the obligations of the Electricity Transmission Units towards the Electricity Plants for the availability of other services as well as for penalties for deviating of the completion of contracts.


Development of a model and prototype of the centralized repository of the measured information (SOURCE)

The project is approved and subsidized by the National Innovative Fund
Characteristics of the System:
- receives, manages and saves information for measurements of different sources;
- aggregates measurements of objects and time intervals;
- exports information for the measurements with the purpose of supplying other systems that need such information for completion of their functionality;
- offers thorough solutions, based on single technology, developed on the platforms .NET and MS SQL Server;
- assures a continuous schedule of work (24x7) and group access to information;
- maintains system for access through names and passwords at several levels by using smart cards;
- assures availability for the spread and addition of new functionalities;

2009: SPACS

Programming system for accumulation, development and reading forms of graphics for a trade with the electricity energy on behalf of the trade participant in the market for electricity energy

Developed on the base of the system SPACS, installed in Thermal Electricity System "Marica 3" Dimitrovgrad, 2009

2009: PIRA 1.0

Programming library- prototype for remote access to information for load profiles of market participants.

Project is developed on the basis of the system PIRA 1.0 and is introduced to the Central Dispatching Unit of the Electricity Transmission Operator EAD at the of August 2009


Central software system with information for measuring electric energy by the market participants for the system operator

Programming system for databases that accumulates in the central repository information for measured electricity energy that accumulates and standardizes information from different information sources - Electricity Transmission Company, EPD, systems of Electricity Transmission System Operator and others


Building of a model, protoype and programming supply of mobile systems for identification, collection and reading of data in energy and industry

The project is subsidized by the National Innovation Fund


Study of the possibilities for building mobile systems for identification, collection and reading of data

The project is subsidized by the National Innovation Fund


Building and adjustment of computer networks in "Energy Distribution - Stara Zagora" EAD- Stara Zagora, "Mines Marica East" EAD


System for reading the results of electric meters with the help of portable terminals (SOPEPT) in "Electricity Distribution Stara Zagora"EAD

Characteristics of the System:
- generating of bar codes and stamps of bar code labels;
- loading of prepared for a single detour data in a portable terminal;
- reading of data, primary check and troubleshooting;
- return of collected for a single detour data by a portable terminal in Central Information System.